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Top 5 best places to see in Strasbourg (France)


One of the most beautiful cities in France! Accessible in 2h20 by TGV from Paris (or 5 hours drive), it’s a very beautiful place to spend a weekend or if you want to eat pretzels and flammekueche.

That said, Strasbourg can be visited quite quickly so the ideal is to also visit the wine route and Colmar, because by limiting yourself to the places of interest mentioned here, you’ll just need half a day (without the visit of museums).

How to get around Strasbourg:

If you come by car, it’s difficult to park in the historic centre: it’s better to go there by tram and for that, I recommend you to use the Parking + Relay service: for 4.10 euros you can park your car by the day and have a round trip to the centre of Strasbourg. Even if you are two or three (up to 7 people) you only pay 4.10 euros, it’s worth it!

Strasbourg is perfect for cycling and there is a bicycle rental service called “Velhop“: 5 € for the day and a deposit of 150 € is also required.

You can also discover the city by boat: the departure is near the cathedral (price: 12,50 €).

If you combine a visit to Strasbourg with a visit to the wine route, you won’t need to take 1000 pictures of traditional houses in Strasbourg… because the houses are getting more and more beautiful the further south you go.

If you can, don’t miss the city of Colmar, which is to be made in addition to Strasbourg because it’s also a very pretty place to visit.

Let’s talk about the thing that is overrated: the European Parliament. Unless you are a fan of modern architecture or want to see the surroundings of Strasbourg, it’s really not worth going there (unless you want to walk to the orange grove park, located nearby).

The good news is that apart from the museums, all the places mentioned here are free of charge. Keep your money to eat a flammekueche!

The main museums to visit in Strasbourg are:

  • The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMC). Price: 7 €
  • The Museum of the work of Our Lady. Price: 6,5 €
  • The Alsatian Museum (to see how Alsatians lived 200 years ago). Price: 6,5 €
  • The Rohan Palace: it groups three museums into one: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts. Price: 6.5 € each.

If you plan to visit several museums, the pass that allows you to visit them all by the day or over three days has been replaced by the “Strasbourg Pass” at around 20€ which allows you to visit only one, but also gives you access to a boat trip, a bicycle available for half a day and discounts on several activities (on sale in the two tourist offices in Strasbourg).

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Here is my top 5 things places to see in Strasbourg, for free and on foot!:

1 – Strasbourg Cathedral

The main reason, in my opinion, to visit Strasbourg is its cathedral. It’s gigantic (142 meters high). Inside is an astronomical clock. On the northwest corner of the cathedral square, take a look at Maison Kammerzell, a rather curious hotel restaurant (it’s good and not that expensive).

You can climb on a panoramic platform located 66 meters above the cathedral (332 steps / price 5€).

best things to see in Strasbourg

2 – Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Protestant Church

Not very impressive from the outside and well hidden, but it’s the inside that deserves a look because you can see superb frescos. It’s located to the north of the city.

Strasbourg landmarks

3 – The panoramic terrace of the Vauban Dam

A dam where you can access the summit and which is located at the end to the west of the Petite France district. It offers a superb view of the covered bridges. Here is a picture of the dam so you’ll know what it looks like (and not the view from the top, so I won’t spoil the fun!).

Strasbourg attractions

4 – The petite France district

A friendly and very pretty district, certainly the most touristic and photographed in Strasbourg.

best places to visit in Strasbourg

5 – Kleber Square

A square in the city centre with many shops, to see especially during the Christmas festivities because it’s lit by a large fir tree.

Strasbourg must see

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