best things to do in Tours France

Top 10 best things to do and see in Tours (France)


Here’s a quick overview of the 10 best things to visit in Tours, a good base if you want to visit the castles of the Loire Valley in France.

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1 – The cathedral of Saint-Gatien

top things to see in Tours France

2 – The Archbishops’ Palace / Museum of Fine Arts

Located not far from the cathedral, you can visit the garden and see a huge cedar tree. There is also a stuffed elephant called’Fritz’. I’m serious. I’m serious.

Tours France must see

3 – Plumereau Square

Also called the Place Plume by the Tourangeaux (yes, we call the inhabitants of Tours like that!), we can see pretty half-timbered houses there.

Tours France attractions

4 – Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier Square

A nice square to see, not very far from Plume Square.

5 – The banks of the Loire

Very nice for a walk. From May to September there is the guinguette, an outdoor bar/bbq located near Wilson Bridge where you can have a drink and see concerts.

Tours France things to do

6 – Hotel de Beaune Semblançay

An old mansion house (or what remains of it, just a piece of wall) destroyed during the Second World War.

Tours France sightseeing

7 – The Botanical Garden

It’s located in the west of the city.

8 – Hotel Gouin

A historical monument, a former private mansion of a wealthy banker’s family.

9 – The castle of Tours

It’s located on the banks of the Loire

best things to see in Tours France

10 – The companionship museum

You can see works by the companions of France and discover their traditions and history. Admission costs €5.30.

Also worth a visit in Tours:

  • Saint Martin Basilica: Another religious monument, we can see in its crypt the tomb of Saint Martin de Tours.
  • Tours Town Hall: Quite impressive in size, it deserves a look. If you arrive by train in Tours, it’s opposite the SNCF train station.

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