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👉 How to start a blog and make money

– Useful Video Ressources –


You want to create your own blog (travel or other) and you don’t want to spend an incredible amount of money on training and online courses?

Here’s a selection of the most useful Youtube videos I’ve been able to find and which are most valuable if you want to get started in blogging (and believe me, I spend a lot of time on Youtube looking for content and ideas that will help me improve my blogs).

You’ll find out how to create your blog, how to monetize it, how to get traffic… in short, for the sake of simplicity I’ve chosen to gather everything on the same page.

If I had to start from scratch, I would start by listening to all these videos (subscribe to their Youtube channels if you like the content). I’ll let you discover all this right now (in no particular order):

Anastasia Blogger

I came across her Youtube channel by chance, the content is crazy and if you’re a beginner, just listen to her advice. Her best video :

Income School

These guys are just the bosses of blogging, I didn’t buy their trainings but the advice they give for free on Youtube works and is simple at the same time.

Aurelius Tjin

If you have a blog and you want to monetize it quickly, creating an ebook is the number one thing to do (indeed, waiting until you have enough visitors to earn money with advertising or Amazon affiliation can take several months). This video should help you:

Andy Hafell

Interesting ideas and tips in this video if you want to make money with Amazon Afffiliate :

To conclude, honestly don’t waste hours and hours on Youtube looking for the most complete video, just listen to the ones I have indicated on this page to start with and you will have already saved weeks of work but also a lot of dollars.

PS: I will add new videos in the future if I come across some interesting stuff.


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