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Hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) for the first time: what you need to know

First time Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): all the things to know before you go up in the air

Built on the bay of Guanamara, one of the most beautiful in the world, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most mythical destinations in the world. The Cidade Maravilhosa, the Wonderful City, spreads its many districts on the green slopes of Corcovado and Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) to the beaches of Copacabana and Impanema.

The turquoise waters of the ocean, the golden lines of the beaches and coves, the blue of the sky and the green of the forests make up a natural setting unique in the world. Whoever discovers Rio de Janeiro for the first time can only be struck by the intertwining of the city and the forest: urbanization and natural spaces come together for the greatest pleasure of the eyes!

The city itself, cosmopolitan and festive, bites life to the core all year round. Beautiful and contrasting, Rio de Janeiro has many faces: sometimes trendy, sometimes popular but always welcoming. A journey to make at least once in your life!


Here are all the things you need to know to prepare your hang-gliding tour over Rio de Janeiro:


  1. Why doing a hang-glider flight in Rio?
  2. How does a hang-glider work?
  3. Is there a minimum age and weight?
  4. When can we fly hang-gliding in Rio?
  5. What do we see during the flight?
  6. How long does the hang gliding flight last?
  7. Is it safe? Are there many accidents?
  8. Can we take pictures during the flight?
  9. How to get dressed for the flight?
  10. How to book a hang-gliding flight?

1/ Why doing a hang-glider flight in Rio de Janeiro?

Hang gliding over the Brazilian city is an unforgettable experience par excellence: emotion and wonder guaranteed! In total contrast to the liveliness of a city that never sleeps, hang-gliding offers the calm necessary for dreaming and an inimitable sense of freedom. The pleasure of flying lying down, hanging under the canvas, with your face in the wind!

The irresistible impression of belonging to the clouds of birds nesting in the immense forest that surrounds the city and whose sometimes perceptible song adds to the magic of the moment. The altitude allows you to see at a glance the beauty of the area: an infinitely generous nature that serves as a setting for a city as bold as it is diverse. The opportunity to enhance your holiday album with exceptional views and to offer your memory an unforgettable memory.

2/ How does a hang-glider work?

Hang gliding, commonly known as hang gliding, is an ultra-light, non-powered, yet high-performance, free flight aircraft. Invented by A. Berblinger in 1811, taken over by the famous Otto Lilienthal in 1890, it has since been very sophisticated and has become more democratic to establish itself as a leading discipline in free flight. Although both are part of this discipline, hang-gliding is quite different from paragliding. Delta flying is undoubtedly the closest to bird flying.

Consisting of a dacron canopy, an aluminium frame and steel shrouds, a hang-glider looks like a large 10-metre kite capable of flying from 24 to over 100 km/h. A superb coloured V under which the pilot and his passenger sit, hung by a harness in a lying position.

The pilot drives the hang-glider via a control bar that allows changes in direction by tilting his body and moving the centre of gravity of the man-machine couple. Pilot and passenger are part of the Deltaplane for maximum pleasure.

3/ Is there a minimum age and weight?

Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro is possible from the age of 16. Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian. There is no age limit to try the experiment. Many seniors are enthusiastically embarking on this memorable flight! Remember to present a valid photo ID or passport. Due to the presence of the pilot, there is no minimum weight to register.

On the other hand, you should not generally weigh more than 100 kg. The maximum carrying capacity of the hang-glider is in fact determined precisely by the flying conditions of the day. Apart from these age and weight restrictions, anyone can register for a hang-gliding flight over Rio de Janeiro: the flight remains under the full control of the pilot, no need to have any experience!

4/ When can we fly hang-gliding in Rio?

The hang-gliding company operates 7 days a week all year round from sunrise to sunset. Flights remain subject to good weather conditions. However, thanks to its mild weather, it is possible to hang glide over Rio de Janeiro for 70% of the time.

On grey days, flight is still possible if the cloud ceiling is not too low and if it does not rain. The best days to fly are those following the passage of a cold front: they maximize the chances of a long flight.

5/ What do we see during the flight?

The magic works from the launch from the platform located at 525 meters above sea level on Pedra Bonita Mountain southwest of Rio de Janeiro. Hang gliding offers the opportunity to discover the city’s most beautiful sites and monuments from a completely new angle.

Ideal for enjoying the majesty of Sugar Loaf, the hill of the Two Brothers (Morro Dois Irmãos) and the magnificence of Christ of Corcovado or the natural beauty of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, the beaches of Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, Barra de Tijuca and São Conrado. A succession of wonders in a breathtaking panorama.

hang gliding rio de janeiro brazil

6/ How long does the flight last?

The flight usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. As this flight time is dependent on the current weather conditions, it is impossible to determine it precisely in advance. If your pilot will do everything to make you have a good time, he will not take any risk for your safety.

7/ Is it safe? Are there many accidents?

Hang gliding is a very safe activity today. All sports have their share of risks, the conditions of free flight are draconian. The reliability of the equipment is excellent and it is regularly maintained and renewed.

The pilots have a great deal of experience in the discipline and a perfect knowledge of the weather conditions over Rio de Janeiro. They are only allowed to operate a maximum of 4 passenger flights per day. All this makes accidents extremely rare!

8/ Can we take pictures during the flight?

You can capture the panorama observed during your hang-gliding flight over Rio de Janeiro by taking your GoPro camera with you as long as it is properly hung by a device that does not pose a risk to flight safety.

There is no extra cost for you to carry your own GoPro. However, we recommend that you choose the video service offered by the hang-gliding company. A shot from a following hang-glider for a very complete video of your flight. The best way to relive and share this exceptional experience with your loved ones.

9/ How to get dressed for the flight?

As the flight is carried out at an altitude of less than 1000 metres, the flight temperature is the same as that on the ground. The relative wind nevertheless requires a minimum of protection, especially if you fly in winter. Choose comfortable clothing and tired shoes: flip-flops are totally inappropriate for takeoff and landing phases.

Leave everything on the ground that could fall in flight: it would be a shame to lose your last pair of sunglasses or worse your wallet with passport and credit card. Be careful, mosquitoes also fly and sometimes in large numbers! Brush yourself with a repellent lotion to protect yourself from multiple and unpleasant stings.

10/ How to book a hang-gliding flight?

For more information and to book your hang-gliding flight over Rio de Janeiro, click here.


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