Quebec Packing List + Printable PDF

Quebec Packing List – What to pack + Printable PDF

What to bring to Quebec?

You’ve booked your plane ticket and the time of departure is fast approaching? After the joys of such a decision, comes the question of knowing what to put in your suitcase to go to Quebec. No need to panic, we have prepared a very complete list of the essential things to bring to make sure you don’t miss anything once you are there.

In order to leave no room for unforeseen events, it’s of course preferable to go through this list a few days before leaving rather than the day before departure, as you might miss some items.

Take the time to read and download it in order to identify the things that you absolutely must pack and that you might miss and that could make you lose time and money if you forget them.

You will also need to think about packing according to the type of accommodation you will be staying in, the different modes of transportation you will use during your trip, the climate and the season, as well as the activities you plan to do.

In order to help you prepare your suitcase, this checklist of the essential things to bring in Quebec gathers several categories: clothes, accessories, various objects… It will allow you to have a concrete vision of a typical suitcase for Quebec.

An advice, think of keeping some space in your luggage if you wish to bring back souvenirs or to make some clothing shopping on the spot.

Thanks to this travel list, preparing your bag for Quebec will be a real child’s play and you will just have to enjoy your adventure!

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1/ Important things to do before you go

 Prepare your travel itinerary
 Apply for a visa (if necessary)
 Make your vaccinations (if necessary)
 Check-up at the doctor / dentist
 Take out a travel insurance
 Photocopy or scan important documents (passport)
 Write down e-mail and useful phone numbers in your address book
 Warn your bank about your trip abroad (if necessary)
 Book accomodation for your first night (Do it now before everything is fully booked! Check the best hotels on Booking)
 Download offline applications and maps for
 Download movies offline
  Prepare your favorite music playlist
 Turn off or turn down the heat of your house
 Empty garbage cans
 Water the plants
  Give a copy of your house/car keys to a family member or friend
 Close doors and windows

2/ Essential documents

Even before you buy your plane ticket, remember to check the validity of your passport: it must be valid for at least six months after your return date (for some countries) and have a blank page. Another tip: send your important documents to a secondary email in case you lose them.

  ID card
   Plane or train ticket (have a paper copy just in case)
  Reservation documents (e-ticket, train ticket, hotel reservation)
  Visa (if necessary)
  International driver’s license, if you wish to rent a car
  Health insurance card
  Travel insurance
  Credit card
  Useful numbers in case of emergency
  Itinerary and address of your accommodation (hotel / AirBnB / camping)
  Vaccination certificate
  Diving license, sailing license, etc.
  Some business cards with your contact information, email, blog, website

3/ Transport essentials

The little things to have with you at all times during the flight or the trip by train or bus:

 Phone and charger
 Book / Magazine / Kindle / Travel Guide
 MP3 player
  Chewing gum
  Pen + notepad
 Travel pillow (my favorite)
 Sleep mask (my favorite)
  Snacks / sandwich
  Small water bottle
 Nasal ointment for dry nose
  Glasses case
  Hand sanitizer
  Disposable face mask
  Motion sickness medication

4/ Backpack & luggage

 Waterproof dry bag (my favorite)
  Travel laundry bag (my favorite)
 Carry-on suitcase (my favorite)
 Travel bag (my favorite)
  Luggage tag (my favorite)
  Travel Packing Organizers (my favorite)
  Rain cover for backpack (my favorite)
  Zippered carry-on bag
  Shoe bag (my favorite)
  Fanny pack
  Lightweight foldable backpack (my favorite)

5/ Clothing and shoes

⚠️Good to know: Check the weather forecast for your destination a week before your trip so you can pack the right type of clothing.


 Underwear (panties, thongs, bras, briefs, boxers…)
 Tank tops
 Skirt ♀
 Dress ♀
 Long sleeve shirt (for her, for him)
 Short sleeve shirt (for her, for him)
 Polo shirt (for her, for him)
  Sweatshirt / pullover (for her, for him)
  Lightweight pants (for her, for him)
  Money belt (my favorite)
  Jogging suit
  Jacket / coat
  K-way (for her, for him)
  Windbreaker (for her, for him)
 Hat / cap / beanie
  Scarf / bandana
  Buff scarf (my favorite)

For shoes, you will have to choose according to the activities you plan to do:

 Comfortable walking shoes
  Shoes for going out (restaurants, bars, clubs…)
 Flip-flops (for the beach, showers…) (for her, for him)
 Hiking shoes (for her, for him)
 Sandals (for her, for him)
  Water shoes for walking in water (beaches, waterfalls, rivers…) (for her, for him)
 Light trekking shoes (for her, for him)

6/ Hygiene & Toiletries

⚠️Good to know: Make sure your pocket knives and other sharp objects are not in your hand luggage!


 Microfiber towel (my favorite)
  Toilet bag
  Portable Travel Bottles (my favorite)
 Toothbrush & toothpaste
 Dental floss
  Facial cleanser
  Nail clippers
  Cotton buds (biodegradable)
  Comb / Hairbrush
  Razor & shaving foam ♂
  Biodegradable wipes (my favorite)
  Toilet paper roll
  Makeup ♀
  Contact Lenses
  Contact lens product
  Pocket mirror

7/ Photo, Video & High Tech

⚠️Good to know: If you have a drone, remember to check if it’s allowed to bring one!


For photographers and videographers:

 Memory card
 Polarizing filters
  ND filter
  Extra battery
  Charger + cable + plug adapter
  Cleaning kit
  External hard drive
  USB key
  Drone (my favorite
  Waterproof phone case
  Solar charger (my favorite
  Gopro (my favorite)
  Waterproof case
  Selfie Pole
 External battery / Powerbank (my favorite

Don’t forget:

 Portable speaker
 Ipad / Tablet
 Laptop PC
 External battery
 Headphones or noise cancelling headphones (my favorite)

Useful apps to download before you go to Quebec:

 Flush – Public Toilet Finder (Useful for finding toilets!)
 Google Maps
 Google Translator
 Google Trips
 Lonely Planet Guide
 XE Currency

8/ Useful accessories

The accessories you will take in your bag for Quebec will depend on your travel style:

  TSA lock (my favorite)
 Headlamp (my favorite)
 Sleeping bag (my favorite)
 Sheets (my favorite)
 Swiss Army knife (not in the hand luggage!) (my favorite)
 Travel clothesline (my favorite)
 Powdered or liquid detergent
 Clothes pegs
 Spork (my favorite)
 Ziploc bags
 Folding umbrella (my favorite)
 Toilet paper
 Mosquito repellent (my favorite)
  Mosquito net (my favorite)
  Sunscreen cream
 Aloe vera gel
  Waterproof pouch for smartphone 
  For hikers: GPS, map, compass, water bottle
  Walking stick (my favorite)
  Anti-sweat talcum powder (my favorite)
  Beach towel (my favorite)
  Sawyer water filter (must-have!)
 Pills to purify non-drinking water
  Mask, snorkel, fins
  Diving accessories (gloves, dive computer, lamp, knife…)

9/ Medication and first aid kit

I suggest that you consult your doctor and dentist before leaving. Beware of unauthorized medication and remember to keep your vaccinations up to date!

If you have a treatment don’t forget to take your personal medication and your prescription if necessary (or medical certificate).

You can buy a first aid kit already prepared (my favorite).

  Cotton buds
  Round-tipped scissors
  Pairs of single-use latex gloves
  Paracetamol or ibuprofen for pain
  Sterile compresses
  Disinfectant spray for wounds
  Physiological saline solution in pods (wound cleaning)
  Condoms and other contraceptives

For longer trips and higher risk locations, we can also add:

  Sterile adhesive skin sutures (steristrips)
  Rehydration solutions (in case of dehydration)
  Water purification tablets
  Water decontamination tablets (Aquatabs or Micropur)
  Medication for altitude
  Medication for sore throat
   Anti-malarial medication
  Survival blanket
  Tick tweezers
  Ointment against itching (antihistamine)
  Probiotics for the stomach
  Corticosteroid pills and cream
  Analgesics (painkillers)
  Survival blanket
  Cold medicine (decongestant)
  Biafine (in case of burns or sunburns)
  Broad-spectrum antibiotics without a prescription
  Anti-diarrhea tablets (immodium, smecta)

10/ Activities and Useful Links + Printable checklist

You can download the complete travel list in PDF format and print it by clicking here.

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