Nikon z6 reviews roundup: all the scores

NIKON Z6 Reviews Round-up

Nikon z6 reviews roundup: Should you buy it?

Released in November 2018, the Nikon Z6 (see on features a 24.5 megapixel CMOS sensor, a 273-point autofocus system, a 3.2-inch touch screen with a 1.27 cm OLED viewfinder and a maximum ISO sensitivity of ISO 51 200.

Its burst rates reaches 12 frames per second and it is equiped with an Expeed 6 image processor. For the video modes, you can shoot full HD videos at 120 fps as well as 4K videos. The design is similar to its big brother, the Nikon Z7, with a weight of about 675 g, including memory card and battery. It only use XQD memory cards, faster than SD cards but much more expensive.

So what do the critics think of the Nikon Z6?

Overall most reviews say that it’s a great first full-frame mirorless camera from Nikon, much more discreet and silent than a SLR, very versatile and effective in all types of uses. Its main assets are its 5-axis stabilization, its pleasant handling, its excellent image quality and its good reactivity. The Nikon Z6 may also interest you if you want to take the step from SLR to mirorless cameras without leaving the Nikon ecosystem, and if you already own F-mount lenses.

However, it’s not that great if you plan to use it mainly for video and if you have high demands on low-light autofocus (better check the Sony A7 III).

Most reviews like…

  • Very good grip, very comfortable handling
  • Superb image quality even with very little light, in JPEG and RAW
  • Very high quality 4K video
  • Many customization options
  • Silent mode via electronic shutter
  • 5 axes stabilisation works great
  • Foldable touch screen, very detailed and with an simple to use interface
  • Excellent electronic viewfinder
  • LCD display on top of the device
  • Socket for headphones and external microphone
  • High weather-resistant construction
  • Integrated RAW editing and conversion

Most reviews don’t like…

  • Autonomy is limited
  • Just one XQD card slot and no SD card slot
  • Lens selection at launch is very limited
  • Video 4K UHD at 30fps only
  • Face detection is slow
  • Touch screen function doesn’t work when using the electronic viewfinder

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