best things to do in jordan

Best things to do in Jordan


Located in the Middle East between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Jordan is a small country with an incredibly rich cultural heritage, witness of a millennial civilization. We also find exceptional landscapes that contribute greatly to the majesty of the sites by bringing exceptional colors.

The best seasons to visit Jordan are spring and autumn: you will avoid the sometimes extreme heat of summer.

On this page, you will be able to discover in pictures the main experiences not to be missed in Jordan, its must-see tourist sites and the lesser known but worth a visit attractions (archaeological sites, national parks, castles…).

A short description will give you the information you need to make the most of each experience (entrance fee, location, history, when to go…).

Although it is impossible to see everything at once, this selection may be useful for you to plan a travel itinerary if you are going to visit Jordan for the first time by giving yourself a taste of the best things to do and places to visit.

The points are not in a precise order. Hoping that this selection is useful to you, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you think there are points to add.

Here are 12 things to do and see while travelling in Jordan:

1. The archaeological site of Petra

An ancient abandoned city made of tombs and temples dug into the rocks. It is the main attraction to visit in Jordan.

best things to do in jordan

2. The Wadi Rum Desert

A vast desert that offers a magnificent panorama made of canyons, caves and rocky arches.

3. The Roman ruins of Amman

Roman ruins located in the heart of the capital where you can admire the largest Roman amphitheatre in the country and the site of the citadel.

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4. Diving or snorkelling in Aqaba

The coastal city of Aqaba, which faces Egypt, offers superb diving and snorkelling spots accessible to all levels.

5. Madaba Mosaic Collection

A city with a Christian majority, famous for its mosaics dating back to the Byzantine period.

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6. Go to the top of Mount Nebo

Located near Madaba, Mount Nebo offers a superb view from where you can see the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.

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7. Swimming in the Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth where you can float effortlessly on water that has an exceptional salt density.

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8. The Roman ruins of Jerash

A very well preserved Greek-Roman archaeological site similar to Pompeii. It’s with Petra and the Wadi Rum Desert one of Jordan’s major attractions.

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9. Going on a water hike in Wadi al-Mujib

The “Grand Canyon of Jordan” is also a nature reserve where it is possible to go on water hikes through streams and waterfalls. Prepare your swimsuit and spare parts.

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10. Dana Nature Reserve

Jordan’s largest nature park is located 60km north of Petra and offers trekking opportunities in a beautiful landscape.

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11. Visit the castles of the desert

Several sites to visit: one of the most famous being Qasr al-Kharaneh (or Qasr Kharana) east of Amman, but you can also visit Crusader castles such as Ajloun or Shobak Castle (also called Krak de Montréal). Don’t miss Karak (see photo).

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12. The Roman ruins of Ummqais

Located in the far north of Jordan, these ancient Roman ruins of black basalt offer a superb view of Lake Tiberias, Syria and Israel.

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