Travel Blogging Ressource List

• Travel Blogging Resource List •

So you want to make your own blog or travel site to earn money with? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of all the tools you need to create your own travel blog and make money with it.

This page will be expanding in the coming months so please check back from time to time.

BLUEHOST = One of the best web hosts, if not the best. Another big name that probably come to mind is SiteGround, but if you’re a newby then Bluehost is most suitable for you (+ rates are increasing and customer support is getting worse and worse according to opinions).

AAWP = A MUST HAVE if you make affiliation with Amazon on your blog/site. It’s not that cheap at first but the return on investment is quite crazy (Basically, after more than a year of use the majority of clicks are made via AAWP).

GETRESPONSE = A practical and easy to use autoresponder that allows you to collect emails and send them to your subscriber list.

SENDOWL = The simplest tool if you want to sell an ebook, PDFs or other digital products. Even a noob like me can use it! Super easy to use: just upload your ebook/PDF, decide on the price and Sendowl takes care of everything else!

WPROCKET = Boost the speed of your site. I use it on my blog, the change was visible after 5 minutes of use. Indispensable.

THRIVE ULTIMATUM = An awesome plugin that helps you create countdown timer and add time limits to discount pricing in order to boost your conversion rates (if you’re selling an ebook with Sendowl for example). It costs a certain price but can be paid back quickly thanks to the sales you’ll make once it is set up.

THEMEFOREST = I would say that you don’t have to pay for a WordPress Theme if you’re new into blogging, but if you want to have one that suits you best in terms of design, Themeforest is the website to check!

And that’s pretty much it!

To be transparent, these links are affiliated and allow me to finance the site. Thank you for using them!

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