The 10 best tools to increase your productivity as a (travel) blogger

The best tools to increase your productivity as a (travel) blogger

Here is a list of tools I’m using myself and that can help you a lot as a travel blogger.

They will allow you to increase your productivity in order to save time, write more articles, write better or make more money.

It will be updated regularly and when I think to add some tools, so check this post from time to time :

1 – Linkclump: an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to open multiple links in different windows with one drag (just hold down the Z key on your keyboard). It is totally free and you can download it by clicking here.

2 – DIY Book covers : a fantastic and very useful site if you want to create an Ebook: it will allow you to make a 3D cover in a simple and fast way. No need to be a Photoshop pro! It is free.

3 – TinyPNG : A very useful website to reduce the size of your images, which will take less space to load and allow you to have a faster site.

4 – Unsplash : A (famous) database of royalty-free images.Useful if you are looking for an image to illustrate a specific point. On the other hand, the site has been bought recently and I don’t know if it will remain free for a long time…

5 – Coming soon

6 – Coming soon

7 – Coming soon

8 – Coming soon

9 – Coming soon

10 – Coming soon


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